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Notable Press For Grand Lake's Blood Sea Dream:

"Grand Lake find a battle cry in something wistful, a long forgotten axiom for people much in need of a lift." -32 ft/second

"Grand Lake wins hands down." - David R Downs

"Grand Lake will creep into your head and take hold of your senses. In 'Spark,' Grand Lake demands to be heard, and as the song climaxes attention will become singular - focused solely on the music." - Fense Post

"Having cornered the market on 'optimistic pop with dynamic distortion and addicting melodies', look for this track to be on the bands debut full-length 'Blood Sea Dream.'" - Indie Music Filter

"...full of distorted and ambient guitar sounds that would've made My Bloody Valentine proud." - Max Jacobs, KALW News

"It may not be a huge surprise that we have a mega hard-on for this ba...A deeply original and personal band, Grand Lake make some of the catchiest, most confident rock 'n' roll of any group in the Bay Area. Their debut full-length Blood Sea Dream is nothing short of a sprawling, exhilarating, filler-free album of keenly focused artistic vision and ambition." - Kata Rokkar

"The album flirts with cacophonic structures, blues-y riffs with strong drums underlying most of it - they have a recurring theme of being lost and sure know how to make a point, sonically, playing with several directions and bringing the restlessness that they so often talk about to the melodies themselves... The rich arrangements allied with the repetition of a catchy verse that could have easily been taken from a self-help book 'You are the spark that light in the dark' fit well together. The band is compelling when it comes to present a sense of loneliness and confusion that can be fought against without being cliche. The prominent xylophone-like part halfway through the song before the said repetition starts softens the track, bringing an unexpected but welcome delicate tone to 'Spark.'" - Ana Ferraz, Seattle Show Gal

"A standout among the many Oakland/East Bay alt-rock bands who love tempo changes and reverb, Grand Lake is a (sonically) ambitious outfit worth noting. The song "Spark," from its recent Blood Sea Dream album, shifts between triumphant march, dreamy plea, and decaying guitar noise -- not unlike classic Pixies. "Spark" moves in fits and starts, taking elements away just to reintroduce them later. "You are the spark/ A light in the dark," goes the concluding refrain, as the song winds down to a shimmer. Listen to it a few times, and let the scope of the band's ambition set in." - Ian S. Port, SF Weekly